Hair Loss (Alopecia) and Cancer Treatment

If treatment will cause hair loss, try wearing fun scarves and earrings—or a cap, from time to time.

Credit: National Cancer Institute

Some types of chemotherapy cause the hair on your head and other parts of your body to fall out. Radiation therapy can also cause hair loss on the part of the body that is being treated. Hair loss is called alopecia. Talk with your health care team to learn if the cancer treatment you will be receiving causes hair loss. Your doctor or nurse will share strategies that have help others, including those listed below.

Ways to manage hair loss

Talk with your health care team about ways to manage before and after hair loss:

Ways to care for your hair when it grows back

Talking with your health care team about hair loss

Prepare for your visit by making a list of questions to ask. Consider adding these questions to your list:


Listen to tips on how to manage hair loss caused by cancer treatments such as radiation therapy.
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