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Questions About Cancer? 1-800-4-CANCER

NCI's Cancer Information Service (CIS)

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What is the Cancer Information Service?

The National Cancer Institute's (NCI's) Cancer Information Service (CIS) is a federally funded cancer education program that was established in 1975 as an essential part of NCI's mission and information efforts. Contact us to speak with a trained information specialist who can answer your cancer-related questions in English and Spanish.

We provide accurate, up-to-date, and reliable information on cancer that is easy to understand. Our trained information specialists provide personalized responses to a range of cancer questions, including:

  • cancer research and clinical trials
  • cancer prevention
  • risk factors
  • symptoms
  • early detection
  • diagnosis
  • treatment
  • living with cancer
  • quitting smoking

Our information specialists have access to trustworthy information on a range of cancer topics, including the most recent advances in cancer treatment. They are knowledgeable, caring, and experienced at explaining medical information. The service is confidential, and we spend as much time as needed for thorough and personalized answers.