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Pain Control: Support for People with Cancer

  • Updated: 05/16/2014

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Cancer Pain Can Be Managed

Pain Control: Support for People with Cancer

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A video to teach you how to control your cancer pain. Get tips for how to talk to your health care team and learn the different ways your pain can be managed.

Having cancer doesn't mean that you'll have pain. But if you do, you can manage most of your pain with medicine and other treatments.

This section will show you how to work with your doctors, nurses, and others to find the best way to control your pain. It will discuss causes of pain, medicines, how to talk to your doctor, and other topics that may help you.

Your "health care team" can help you manage cancer pain

Your "health care team" can mean any of the professionals you see as part of your medical care. These may include your oncologist, your family doctor, nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists, oncology social workers, clergy members, and others.

This information is also available as a printable booklet or as an e-book.