Questions About Cancer? 1-800-4-CANCER
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Fact Sheets: Support, Coping, and Resources

  • Advance Directives
    (Reviewed: 02/05/2013) - A fact sheet about advance directives, which are legal documents that allow people to communicate their decisions about medical care to family, friends, and health care professionals in the event that they are unable to make those decisions themselves.
  • End-of-Life Care for People Who Have Cancer
    (Reviewed: 05/10/2012) - A fact sheet that answers some of the questions patients, their family members, and caregivers may have about the end of life.
  • Home Care for Cancer Patients
    (Reviewed: 03/09/2009) - A fact sheet about the various services provided by home care agencies and financial assistance available from government, public, and private agencies.
  • Hospice Care
    (Reviewed: 10/25/2012) - A fact sheet about hospice care, including insurance coverage.
  • How To Find a Doctor or Treatment Facility If You Have Cancer
    (Reviewed: 06/05/2013) - A fact sheet that offers suggestions for choosing a physician and facility for cancer treatment.
  • Palliative Care in Cancer
    (Reviewed: 03/16/2010) - A fact sheet that describes the role of palliative care, which is comfort care given to a patient who has a serious or life-threatening disease, such as cancer, from the time of diagnosis and throughout the course of illness.
  • Psychological Stress and Cancer
    (Reviewed: 12/10/2012) - A fact sheet that describes the effects of stress on the body, the results of research on the relationship between stress and cancer, and information about coping with stress.