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About the PDQ® Editorial Boards

The PDQ® Editorial Boards are responsible for producing and maintaining evidence-based, peer-reviewed cancer information summaries. The summaries are made available to health professionals, patients, and the general public as a service of the NCI. The PDQ Editorial Boards are not formal advisory or policy-making boards for the NCI.

The PDQ Editorial Boards are comprised of experts in cancer and other related specialties. There are six Editorial Boards to cover each type of cancer information summary: adult treatment, pediatric treatment, supportive and palliative care, screening and prevention, genetics, and complementary and alternative medicine. Each Editorial Board meets regularly to review and update the cancer information summaries on the basis of newly published research results.

Each PDQ Editorial Board is supported by a corresponding Editorial Advisory Board. The Editorial Advisory Boards are similarly comprised of experts in cancer and related specialties. These Boards review the PDQ cancer information summaries on a regular basis and make recommendations for changes to the corresponding Editorial Boards. The PDQ Editorial Advisory Boards do not hold regular meetings.

  • Updated: May 1, 2002