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NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms

stage III childhood non-Hodgkin lymphoma  listen  (... non-HOJ-kin lim-FOH-muh)

  Cancer is found (1) in at least one area above the diaphragm (the thin muscle below the lungs that helps with breathing and separates the chest from the abdomen) and in at least one area below the diaphragm; or (2) to have started in the chest; or (3) to have started in the abdomen and spread throughout the abdomen, and cannot be completely removed by surgery; or (4) in the area around the spine.

Stage III childhood non-Hodgkin lymphoma; drawing shows cancer in lymph node groups above and below the diaphragm, in the chest, and throughout the abdomen in the liver, spleen, small intestines, and appendix. The colon is also shown. An inset shows a lymph node with a lymph vessel, an artery, and a vein. Lymphoma cells containing cancer are shown in the lymph node.