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NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms

stage III cervical cancer  listen  (... SER-vih-kul KAN-ser)

  Cancer has spread to the lower third of the vagina, and/or to the pelvic wall, and/or has caused kidney problems. Stage III is divided into stages IIIA and IIIB, based on how far the cancer has spread. In stage IIIA, cancer has spread to the lower third of the vagina but not to the pelvic wall. In stage IIIB, (1) cancer has spread to the pelvic wall; and/or (2) the tumor has become large enough to block the ureters (the tubes that connect the kidneys to the bladder). This blockage can cause the kidneys to enlarge or stop working.

Stage IIIA cervical cancer; drawing shows a cross-section of the cervix and vagina. Cancer is shown in the cervix and in the full length of the vagina.
Stage IIIB cervical cancer; drawing shows cancer in the cervix, the vagina, and  the pelvic wall, blocking the ureter on the right. The uterus and kidneys are also shown.