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NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms

Wilms tumor-aniridia-genitourinary anomalies-mental retardation syndrome  listen  (wilmz TOO-mer-a-nih-RIH-dee-uh-JEH-nih-toh-YOOR-ih-nayr-ee uh-NAH-muh-leez-MEN-tul ree-tar-DAY-shun SIN-drome)

  A rare, genetic disorder that is present at birth and has two or more of the following symptoms: Wilms tumor (a type of kidney cancer); little or no iris (the colored part of the eye); defects in the sexual organs and urinary tract (the organs that make urine and pass it from the body); and below average mental ability. This syndrome occurs when part of chromosome 11 is missing. Also called WAGR syndrome.