The NCI Grants Process

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All groundbreaking cancer research discoveries start with an idea that needs funding to be put into action. One of NCI’s primary roles is to provide funding for cancer research. The essentials of the NCI grants process are available on this website or download the PDF “The Grants Process, The Lifecycle of a Grant” for additional history and references.

Quick Overview

Take a quick glance at the essentials about the NCI grants process, including recipient eligibility, the different people involved, and information about funding.

Application Development, Submission & Award

Learn how the six-step process of the NCI grants process works— from application development, to peer review, to post-award administration.

Research Funding Mechanisms

Find descriptions of the grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts that the NCI uses to help fund cancer research.

Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR)

Find more information about the RPPR, which documents recipient accomplishments and compliance with terms of award.

Grant Closeout

Learn about the administrative actions and requirements to comply with grants closeout.