Conducting Clinical Trials

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Information and tools for investigators and research teams who are already involved in clinical trials, as well as for those who are thinking about getting involved. Learn about challenges and solutions for accruing patients to trials, how to develop a protocol, the process for collaborating with NCI to develop a new agent, and registration and reporting requirements.

Information for Investigators

Tools for Managing Clinical Trials

  • Protocol Development

    Guidelines and tools for protocol development, from the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP).

  • Central Institutional Review Board Initiative

    Provides an innovative approach to human subject protection through a "facilitated review" process that can streamline local IRB reviews of adult and pediatric national multicenter cancer treatment trials.

  • AccrualNet

    Website designed for practicing professionals to support clinical trial accrual needs.

  • Cancer Trials Support Unit (CTSU)

    Project sponsored by NCI for the support of a national network of physicians to participate in NCI-sponsored cancer clinical trials.

Tools for Registration and Reporting

  • Clinical Trials Reporting Program

    The Clinical Trial Reporting Program is a comprehensive database of all NCI-supported clinical trials. The database exists to identify gaps in clinical research andduplicative studies, prioritization and enhance patient accrual to trials by making physicians aware of relevant opportunities for participation in clinical trials.

  • Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE)

    Resources for standard terminology used to name and to describe the severity (grade) of adverse events that occur in the treatment of cancer.

  • Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program Adverse Event Reporting System (CTEP-AERS)

    NCI's web-based system for submitting expedited reports for serious and/or unexpected events forwarded to designated recipients and the NCI for all trials using NCI-sponsored investigational agents.

Tools for Ensuring Patient Confidentiality

  • Posted: July 30, 2015