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Arizona Cancer Center
Comprehensive Cancer Center

Andrew S. Kraft, M.D.

1515 North Campbell Avenue
Tucson, Arizona 85724
Main: 520-694-2873
Appointments: 1-800-524-5928

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Arizona Cancer Center
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona

The Arizona Cancer Center (AZCC) was founded in 1976 as a division of the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine and became an NCI-designated cancer center in 1978. It received Comprehensive Cancer Center status in 1990.

AZCC developed a scientific program in cancer prevention and control in the 1980s, with special emphasis on colon, breast, prostate, and skin cancer. AZCC is also a translational center that has developed a range of new cancer treatment and preventive agents and has spun off more than 15 companies.

The Center’s basic, translational/clinical, and cancer prevention and control research is carried out in five scientific programs: cancer prevention and control, cancer biology, cancer imaging, gastrointestinal cancer, and therapeutic development. Specific research projects include breast and ovarian cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, gastrointestinal cancers (colon, pancreas, and liver), lymphoma, and skin cancer.

To serve the diverse population of Arizona and the Southwest, AZCC established a Cancer Health Disparities Institute to focus on cancers in underserved Hispanic and Native American populations. The Institute provides research and training opportunities for investigators proposing research or planning to work in underserved communities.

AZCC hosts a Cancer Biology Graduate Interdisciplinary Program. The program draws faculty from 15 departments and five colleges across the University of Arizona.

The Center’s research is conducted in Tucson and in Phoenix. There are also more than a dozen research and education offices throughout the state, as well as affiliate sites in Mexico and Colorado. AZCC has 71 research laboratories, where 300 physicians and scientists conduct collaborative research.

Using a research-driven and evidence-based approach, patients at AZCC are treated in multidisciplinary, disease-site-oriented clinics by teams of physicians and health care professionals. The Center’s Tucson hospital affiliate is the University Medical Center.

* This profile was provided by the Arizona Cancer Center.

  • Updated: July 20, 2012