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University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute
Comprehensive Cancer Center

Nancy E. Davidson, M.D.

5150 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15232
Main: (412) 647-2811

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University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI) was founded in 1984 and received its NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center designation in 1989. The mission of UPCI is to decrease the mortality and morbidity from cancer across the nation and especially in western Pennsylvania. UPCI seeks to accomplish this mission through integrated programs in basic, clinical, translational, and population and cancer control research.

UPCI houses more than 350 research faculty members specializing in disciplines ranging from basic science discovery, cancer prevention, and early detection to novel therapeutic discovery, survivorship, and end-of-life care. UPCI maintains a comprehensive approach to understanding and defeating cancer. UPCI faculty maintain academic appointments at the University of Pittsburgh.

Members of UPCI conduct laboratory-based, translational, and clinical cancer research in the context of 12 programs covering: biobehavioral medicine in oncology; brain tumors; cancer epidemiology, prevention, and control; cancer immunology; cancer virology; head and neck cancer; hematologic malignancies; lung and thoracic malignancies; melanoma; molecular and cellular cancer biology; molecular therapeutics and drug discovery; and prostate cancer. Their work is supported through 15 UPCI-supported shared facilities.

UPCI and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) encompass more than 1,700 physician and staff members in surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, otolaryngology, neuro-oncology, palliative care, behavioral medicine and gynecologic oncology. Through a unique hub-and-satellite network of 38 UPCI/UPMC-affiliated treatment centers in western Pennsylvania and Ohio, as well as two centers in Ireland, cutting-edge treatments, sophisticated technologies and more than 300 clinical trials are available to patients.

UPCI investigators are leaders in molecular and medical oncology, spearheading innovative research studies which: advance the understanding of the biological basis of cancer development and progression; identify new and relevant biomarkers for improved cancer detection and diagnosis; develop novel therapeutics for successful and comprehensive cancer treatment; and implement effective measures for cancer prevention.

* This profile was provided by the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute.

  • Updated: July 26, 2012