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Patient Advocate Steering Committee

The Patient Advocate Steering Committee (PASC) works to ensure that advocates involved with the Disease-Specific Steering Committees (DSSC) and their task forces are effectively and consistently integrated with the development, implementation, and monitoring of clinical trials within those groups. PASC membership is composed of the patient advocate members of the DSSC.

Mission Statement

The PASC functions to:

  • develop and share best practices for patient advocate interactions in scientific steering committees;
  • identify common concerns and potential solutions to address the concerns;
  • identify training needs and work with appropriate bodies to develop and implement training;
  • disseminate DSSC information to the appropriate advocacy communities;
  • communicate information from and to Task Force advocates; and
  • ensure that the concept evaluations include consideration for the patient community at large with a special focus on minority and underserved populations.

Roster of Patient Advocate Steering Committee (PASC) members
Elizabeth Frank and Karl Schwartz, Co-chairs

Clinical Trials Planning Meetings (CTPMs)

The Goal of CTPMs is to:

  • identify strategic directions for clinical trials in a specific field
    • reach consensus on the most important clinical trials to conduct;
    • identify portfolio gaps and emerging scientific opportunities;
    • identify innovative trial design opportunities;
  • facilitate innovation and collaboration among the broad oncology community active in the specific cancer under study

List of Clinical Trial Planning Meetings (CTPM) Executive Summaries and Publications

PASC Documents:

CCCT Contact: Jean M. Lynn, RN, M.P.H., OCN