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Engage in NCI Activities

Research advocacy is a vital activity for today’s patient community since patients provide a unique perspective in the research process, working with investigators, companies, and government agencies to accelerate progress against cancer.

- Wendy Selig, President and CEO, Melanoma Research Alliance

The Office of Advocacy Relations (OAR) matches advocates to NCI activities based on a combination of NCI program needs and the skills, interests, and experience of each advocate.

To be considered as a research advocate for NCI activities, a prospective advocate must have at least two years of involvement in cancer-related activities and demonstrate the ability to share the collective patient perspective. An advocate demonstrates an understanding of cancer and the research process, has a familiarity with how the scientific community works, and is able to work as a member of a research team. If you meet these requirements, please contact us for more information.

  1. Create: OAR will assist you in creating a profile in our research advocate system.
  2. Select: OAR will contact you when an activity that matches your skills and expertise is available. If you are interested, OAR will share your name and contact information with the requester for consideration.
  3. Prepare: If you choose to participate, OAR and the requester will prepare you for the activity.
  4. Participate: You will participate in the activity by providing the requester with insight that reflects the collective patient perspective.
  5. Evaluate: After the activity is over, OAR will seek your feedback and ask you and the requester to complete an evaluation.