Scientific Steering Committees

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Goals of the Committees

Scientific Steering Committees (SSCs) are composed of leading cancer experts and advocates from outside the Institute as well as NCI senior investigators who meet regularly to:

  • Increase the transparency and openness of the trial design and prioritization process;
  • Enhance patient advocate and community oncologist involvement in clinical trial design and prioritization;
  • Evaluate clinical trial concepts and set disease-specific strategic priorities; (2015 All SSC Strategic Priorities)
  • Convene Clinical Trial Planning Meetings to identify critical questions, unmet needs, and prioritize key strategies.

SSCs may establish one or more Task Forces and/or Working Groups that focus on specific diseases or scientific areas of interest. CCCT manages all SSC operations.

SSCs that Guide NCI’s Clinical Trials Enterprise

Clinical Trials Planning Meetings (CTPMs)

The goals of CTPMs are to:

  • Identify strategic directions for clinical trials in a specific field;
    • Reach consensus on the most important clinical trials to conduct;
    • Identify portfolio gaps and emerging scientific opportunities;
    • Identify innovative trial design opportunities;
  • Facilitate innovation and collaboration among the broad oncology community active in the specific cancer under study.

All SSCs with the exception of the IDSC are eligible to receive funds to support CTPMs. Funding for IDSC meetings is through a different mechanism.