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Reuse of NCI Information

Reuse of Text

Unless otherwise indicated, all text within NCI products is free of copyright and may be reused without our permission. Credit the National Cancer Institute as the source.

In the case of digital reproduction, please link to the original NCI product using the original product's title; for example,

"Targeted Therapy to Treat Cancer was originally published by the National Cancer Institute."

Consider linking directly to our content rather than reproducing it, as our content may be updated over time. Some of our content is also available for syndication (more about our syndication services).

Reuse of Graphics

Graphics (photos, illustrations) used in National Cancer Institute (NCI) information products are a mix of copyrighted and copyright-free materials. If you want to reuse a graphic independently of the original NCI product, please follow this guidance:

  • Graphics created and owned by private-sector designers will be credited to individuals or companies. Permission to reuse these copyrighted graphics must be negotiated directly with the creators, and not NCI. If you’re not sure who the creator is, email us at
  • Graphics explicitly credited to NCI are copyright-free and may be used without our permission. Please credit the National Cancer Institute as the source. Visit NCI Visuals Online to find copyright-free images you may download and use. 

Reuse of NCI Logo and PDQ Trademark

The NCI logo and the PDQ trademark may only be used in reproductions of original, wholly unchanged NCI products.

Reuse of Patient Education Publications

If you want to copy or print NCI patient education publications in their entirety with no changes, you may freely do so without our permission.

However, if you want to change anything about the publication you must

  • indicate that the material is adapted from the National Cancer Institute.
  • refrain from using the NCI logo on your adapted product.
  • seek permission from the creator of any copyrighted graphics that appear in the original NCI product.

Translations of NCI Information Products

We welcome translation of NCI products into languages other than English as long as the following criteria are met.

  • If you want to reuse copyrighted graphics from the original NCI product, you must get permission from the copyright owners.
  • The translated product may not use the NCI logo or PDQ trademark.
  • The translated product must credit the National Cancer Institute and include this statement: “The National Cancer Institute (NCI) does not endorse this translation and no endorsement by NCI should be inferred.”

If you still have questions or would like to seek permission to reuse copyrighted or trademarked items in your own materials, please email us at

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