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Syndication Services

Some of the information on this website ( is available for use on your own site or in other information products.  Part of NCI’s mission is to disseminate timely, credible cancer information to our partners and the public.

HHS Syndication Storefront

We syndicate selected NCI content through the HHS Syndication Storefront. The content you receive through this service is automatically updated in real time, and is displayed with the look and feel of your site.

Simply sign up for the service and select the content you want to receive. You will get an RSS or Atom feed that you can use to pull the content into your site. For more information on how it works, see the HHS Syndication Storefront Questions and Answers page.

XML Dissemination via FTP

NCI also distributes content to a number of dissemination partners in Extensible Markup Language (XML) format. Content available in this format includes:

  • PDQ® Cancer Information Summaries for health professionals and patients (in English and Spanish)
  • NCI Drug Information Summaries
  • NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms (in English and Spanish)
  • NCI Dictionary of Genetics Terms
  • NCI Drug Dictionary

If you are interested in using the XML Dissemination via FTP, please e-mail us at

NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms Widget

Add this widget to your website for users to look up terms in the NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms. Once you’ve added the widget, no technical maintenance is required and all updates to the content automatically flow to your site. Available in English and en español.

Content Distribution Partners

The NCI’s worldwide  content distribution partners include academic and research institutions, nonprofit institutions, and commercial web and print publishers. These partners use NCI-produced content in their websites and information products and may syndicate it to their partners and customers, further extending its dissemination.