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Think About What Is Important to You

After you have talked with a breast cancer surgeon and learned the facts, you may also want to talk with your spouse or partner, family, friends, or other women who have had breast cancer surgery.

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Then, think about what is important to you. Thinking about these questions and talking them over with others might help:

About Surgery Choices

  • If I have breast-sparing surgery, am I willing and able to have radiation therapy 5 days a week for 5 to 8 weeks?
  • If I have a mastectomy, do I also want breast reconstruction surgery?
  • If I have breast reconstruction surgery, do I want it at the same time as my mastectomy?
  • What treatment does my insurance cover? What do I have to pay for?

Life After Surgery

  • How important is it to me how my breast looks after cancer surgery?
  • How important is it to me how my breast feels after cancer surgery?
  • If I have a mastectomy and do not have reconstruction, will my insurance cover my prostheses and special bras?
  • Where can I find breast prostheses and special bras?

Learning More

  • Do I want a second opinion?
  • Is there someone else I should talk with about my surgery choices?
  • What else do I want to learn or do before I make my choice about breast cancer surgery?
  • Posted: March 1, 2013