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Table 4. Prostate Cancer Susceptibility Loci Identified Through GWAS in Men of European Ancestry

SNP Chromosomal Locus Nearest Known Gene Within 100 kb Region Study Citations ORa 
rs12185821p21KCNN3 Intronic[186]1.06
rs42457391q32MDM4 Exonic/Coding[186]0.91
rs101874242p11GGCX Intergenic[185]1.06–1.19
rs7210482p15EHBP1 Intronic[189]1.15
rs14656182p21THADA Intronic[190]1.16–1.20
rs119022362p25GRHL1 Intronic[186]1.07
rs126212782q31ITGA6 Intronic[190]1.32–1.47
rs22928842q37MLPH Intronic[191]1.14
rs37715702q37FARP2 Intronic[186]1.12
rs26607533p12VGLL3 Intergenic[192]1.11–1.48
rs76116943q13SIDT1 Intronic[186]0.91
rs109348533q21EEFSEC Intronic[193]1.12
rs67639313q23ZBTB38 Intronic[191]1.04–1.18
rs109366323q26CLDN11 Intergenic[185]1.08–1.28
rs18942924q13AFM Intronic[186]0.91
rs125004264q22PDLIM5 Intronic[190]1.14–1.17
rs76796734q24TET2 Intergenic[190]1.15–1.37
rs21218755p12FGF10 Intronic[185]1.05–1.11
rs22426525p15TERT Intronic[191]1.15–1.39
rs68698415q35BOD1 Intergenic[186]1.07
rs1300676p21CCHCR1 Exonic/Coding[191]1.05–1.20
rs3096702NOTCH4 Intergenic[186]1.07
rs22736696q21ARMC2 Intronic[186]1.07
rs19334886q25RSG17 Intronic[186]0.89
rs9364554SLC22A3 Intronic[192]1.17–1.26
rs104865677p15JAZF1 Intronic[194,195]1.12–1.35
rs64656577q21LMTK2 Intronic[192]1.03–1.19
rs29286798p21SLC25A37 Intergenic[190]1.16–1.26
rs1512268NKX3-1 Intergenic[190]1.13–1.28
rs11135910EBF2 Intronic[186]1.11
rs1099399410q11MSMB Intergenic[192,195]1.15–1.42
rs385069910q24TRIM8 Intronic[186]0.91
rs496241610q26CTBP2 Intronic[194]1.17–1.20
rs712790011p15TH Intergenic[190]1.29–1.40
rs1122856511q13MYEOV Intergenic[193]1.23
rs1156881811q22MMP7 Intergenic[186]0.91
rs90277412q13KRT8 Intergenic[191]1.17
rs10875943TUBA1C Intergenic[185]1.02–1.18
rs800827014q22FERMT2 Intronic[186]0.89
rs714152914q24RAD51B Intergenic[186]1.09
rs68423217p13VPS53 Intergenic[186]1.10
rs1164974317q12HNF1B Intronic[195,197,198]0.86–1.28
rs1165049417q21ZNF652 Intergenic[186]1.15
rs724199318q23SALL3 Intergenic[186]0.92
rs810247619q13PPP1R14A Intergenic[193]1.12
rs2735839KLK3 Intergenic[192]1.25–1.72
rs17632542KLK3 Intergenic[199]0.62–0.76
rs242734520q13RBBP8NL Intergenic[186]0.94
rs6062509ZGPAT Intronic[186]0.89
rs575916722q13BIK Intergenic[190]1.14–1.20
rs5945619Xp11NUDT11 Intergenic[192,195]1.19–1.46
rs2405942Xp22SHROOM2 Intronic[186]0.88
rs5919432Xq12AR Intergenic[191]1.06–1.14

GWAS = genome-wide association studies; OR = odds ratio; SNP = single nucleotide polymorphism.
aORs are reported as a range across the various stages of GWAS discovery and validation when available.


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