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PDQ® - NCI's Comprehensive Database

PDQ (Physician Data Query) is NCI's comprehensive source of cancer information. It contains cancer information summaries on a wide range of cancer topics; drug information summaries on many cancer-related drugs and drug combinations; and dictionaries of general cancer terms, drug terms, and genetics terms.

PDQ Cancer Information Summaries, Editorial Boards, and Levels of Evidence

PDQ Cancer Information Summaries
The PDQ cancer information summaries are comprehensive, evidence-based summaries on topics that cover adult and pediatric cancer treatment, supportive and palliative care, screening, prevention, genetics, and integrative, alternative, and complementary therapies.

PDQ Editorial Boards
Comprised of experts in cancer-related specialties, the six PDQ Editorial Boards produce and maintain the evidence-based cancer information summaries.

Levels of Evidence
PDQ cancer information summaries include level-of evidence designations to help readers understand the strength of the evidence supporting the use of specific interventions or approaches.

NCI Drug Information Summaries

NCI Drug Information Summaries
A collection of consumer-friendly summaries from NCI that provide information about many FDA-approved cancer drugs and drug combinations. Summaries for individual cancer drugs cover the uses of these drugs, research results, possible side effects, approval information, and ongoing clinical trials. Summaries for cancer drug combinations list the drugs that make up the combination and explain what the combination is used for.

NCI Dictionaries

Dictionary of Cancer Terms
A dictionary of cancer-related terms and definitions written for a non-technical audience. New terms are reviewed by a multidisciplinary panel of reviewers, and approximately 30 terms are added each month.

NCI Drug Dictionary
A dictionary that contains technical definitions, alternate names, and links to related information for FDA-approved and investigational agents that are being used or tested in the treatment of cancer or cancer-related conditions.

NCI Dictionary of Genetics Terms
A dictionary of genetics-related terms written for healthcare professionals. This resource supports the PDQ cancer genetics information summaries and definitions are written and reviewed by members of the Cancer Genetics Editorial Board.

Other Ways to Get PDQ Information Content Dissemination Program
Information about's content dissemination program, which makes cancer information available in XML format for use in Web sites and in other information products.

PDQ in Other Languages

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) translates most of the PDQ content into Spanish, including the majority of the cancer information summaries for health professionals and patients and the NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms.

Chinese (Public Version)
Chinese (Health Professional Version)
Through a collaboration with the National Cancer Center of China, selected PDQ content covering lung, colorectal, stomach, liver, esophageal, and breast cancers for patients and health professionals, and the NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms, has been translated into Mandarin and made available through the website of National Cancer Prevention and Control Network of China. The National Cancer Institute is not responsible for the accuracy of the translations.

The Translational Research Informatics Center (TRI) in Kobe, Japan, translates the PDQ cancer information summaries for patients and health professionals, the NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms, the list of cancer clinical trials, and the drug information summaries into Japanese and makes them available through the Cancer Information Japan website. The National Cancer Institute is not responsible for the accuracy of the translations.

Through a collaboration with Translational Research Informatics Center (TRI), selected PDQ content has also been translated into Arabic and made available through the Cancer Information Japan website. The National Cancer Institute is not responsible for the accuracy of the translations.

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