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Table 2. Summary of Key Performance Measures for Screening with Tomosynthesis

Study [44] [45] [51] [52] [53] Overall 
CDR = cancer detection rate; DBT = digital breast tomosynthesis, also known as 3-D mammography; FFDM = full field digital mammography, also known as standard 2-D mammography; no. = number.
Study DesignProspective; each patient had both examsProspective; each patient had both examsHistorical control with 2-D onlyHistorical control with 2-D onlyHistorical control with 2-D only
No. of DBT12,6317,2929,499173,66323,149226,234
No. of FFDM12,6317,29213,856281,18754,684365,293
CDR 3-D+2-D8.0/1,0008.1/1,0005.37/1,0005.4/1,0006.3/1,000
CDR FFDM (2-D) Alone6.1/1,0005.3/1,0004.04/1,0004.2/1,0004.9/1,000
Difference (No. of Women)+1.9/1,000 (24)+2.7/1,000 (20)+1.3/1,000 (12)+1.2/1,000 (208)+1.4/1,000 (32)+1.3/1,000 (296)
P-Value (Detection Rate).001< .00010.18< .001.035
Absolute Recall Rate Difference-0.8%-2.0%-3.2%-1.6%-2.6%-1.8%
P-Value (Recall Rate)< .001< .0001< .001< .001> .0001


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