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What Is MyPART?

Group photo of teens participating in a MyPART event.

Group photo from Camp Fantastic

MyPART is the My Pediatric and Adult Rare Tumor network. It is a group of scientists, patients, family members, advocates, and healthcare providers who want to help find treatments for rare cancers. We are working on childhood, teen, and young adult solid rare tumors that have no cures. We think that working as a team will help us find treatments for rare cancers faster. Everyone can play a part. 

The MyPART network will:

  • ask patients, their family members, and healthcare providers about how the rare tumor affects patients’ lives.
  • collect samples like blood, saliva, and biopsy tissue from people with rare tumors to study how rare tumors grow and how we could treat them.
  • share data from rare cancer samples with scientists around the world.
  • hold workshops with patients, advocates, doctors, and scientists to talk about how to improve patients’ lives and find new treatments.
  • build new ways of testing new treatments.
  • use what we learn to design new clinical trials for rare cancers.
  • teach the public about how we are trying to find new treatments.
  • share research results with individual patients.



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