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Table 10. Summary of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Screening Studies in Women at Hereditary Risk of Breast Cancer

Series Rijnsburger [38] Warner [33] MARIBS [32] Kuhl [36] Weinstein [39] Sardanelli [40] Totals 
N PatientsOverall2,1572366496876095014,839
BRCA1/BRCA2 Carriers59423612065443301,389
N Screening Episodes6,2534571,8811,6791,59211,862
N CancersBaseline22a1320100065
In situ 199697858
Annual Incidence10.4/1,00019/1,000
Detected at Planned Screening782133271849226 (83%)
N Detected by Each ModalityMammography31c814972594 (42%)
MRI51c1727251242174 (77%)
Ultrasoundd71032646 (41%)
Follow-upMedian of 4.9 yMinimum of 1 y2–7 yMedian of 29.09 mo2 y3 y

aBased on the first 1,909 women screened.[30]
bIncludes patients with invasive cancer only and patients with both invasive and in situ cancers.
cIncludes only 75 cancers detected in women who underwent both mammographic and MRI screening.
dRestricted to studies in which ultrasound was performed.


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