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Genetics of Breast and Ovarian Cancer (PDQ®)

  • Updated: 10/02/2014

Table 7. Genetic Modifiers of Ovarian Cancer Risk

Putative Gene Chromosome SNP Citation OR (95% CI) Comments 
CI = confidence interval; OR = odds ratio, SNP = single nucleotide polymorphism.
HOXD3 2q31rs717852[200]1.25 (1.10-1.42)BRCA2 carriers
CASP8 2q33D302H variant[190]0.69 (0.53–0.89)BRCA1 carriers
IRS1 2q36.3rs1801278[201]1.43 (1.06–1.92)BRCA1 carriers
2q36.3rs1801278[201]2.21 (1.39–3.52)BRCA2 carriers
2q36.3rs13306465[201]2.42 (1.06–5.56)BRCA1 carriers, type II mutations only
TIPARP 3q25.31rs2665390[200]1.48 (1.21–1.83)BRCA2 carriers
3q25.31rs2665390[200]1.25 (1.10–1.43)BRCA1 carriers
4q32.3rs4691139[188]1.20 (1.17–1.38)BRCA1 carriers
8q24rs10088218[200]0.81 (0.67–0.98)BRCA2 carriers
8q24rs10088218[200]0.89 (0.81–0.99)BRCA1 carriers
BCN2/CNTLN 9p22.2rs3814113[132]0.78 (0.72–0.85)BRCA1 carriers
9p22.2rs3814113[132]0.78 (0.67–0.90)BRCA2 carriers
10p13.1rs8170[194]1.15 (1.03–1.30)BRCA1 carriers
10p13.1rs8170[194]1.34 (1.12–1.62)BRCA2 carriers
10p13.1rs8170[194]0.78 (0.67–0.90)BRCA2 carriers
PLEKHM1 17q21.31rs17631303[188]1.27 (1.17–1.38)BRCA1 carriers
17q21.31rs17631303[188]1.32 (1.15–1.52)BRCA2 carriers
SKAP1 17q21.32rs9303542[200]1.16 (1.02–1.33)BRCA2 carriers
CERS6 19p13.1rs6739200[194]1.16 (1.05–1.29)BRCA1carriers
19p13.1rs6739200[194]1.30 (1.10–1.52)BRCA2 carriers


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