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Table 5. Meta-Analysis Results: Intermittent and Chronic Sun Exposure and Melanoma Risk

Study Citation Intermittent Sun Exposure (OR, 95% CI) Chronic Sun Exposure (OR, 95% CI) Comments 
CI = confidence interval; OR = odds ratio.
Nelemans et al.[4]1.6 (1.3–1.9)0.7 (0.6–0.9)Lack of standardized measures an issue.
Elwood et al.[5]1.7 (1.5–1.9)0.9 (0.8–0.9)Mechanisms for the differences in types of sun exposure not understood.
Gandini et al.[6]1.6 (1.3–1.9)0.9 (0.7–1.0)None.


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