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Pruritus (PDQ®)

Health Professional Version


Pruritus is a symptom, not a diagnosis or disease. Generalized pruritus is a “cardinal symptom of medical significance”[1] and should be taken seriously.

Assessment of pruritus must incorporate an accurate and thorough history and physical examination. The history includes the following data:[2,3]

  • Location, onset, duration, and intensity of itching.
  • Previous history of pruritus.
  • Previous history of malignant disease.
  • Current malignant disease and treatment.
  • Nonmalignant systemic diseases.
  • Use of analgesics.
  • Use of antibiotics.
  • Use of other prescription and nonprescription drugs.
  • Presence of infection.
  • Nutritional and fluid level status.
  • Current skin care practices.
  • Existence of other pruritic risk factors.
  • Review of relevant laboratory values (complete blood cell chemistry).
  • Factors that relieve and aggravate itching.
  • Patient's emotional state.

Physical examination will provide data from assessment of the following:

  • All skin surfaces for signs of infection.
  • All skin surfaces for signs of drug reaction.
  • Environmental factors (temperature, humidity).
  • Physical factors (tight, constrictive clothing).
  • Evidence of scratching (erythema, dryness, excoriation).
  • Skin turgor, texture, color, temperature, and lesions.


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  • Updated: June 30, 2011