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Childhood Central Nervous System Germ Cell Tumors Treatment (PDQ®)

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Last Modified: 08/01/2013

Changes to This Summary (08/01/2013)

The PDQ cancer information summaries are reviewed regularly and updated as new information becomes available. This section describes the latest changes made to this summary as of the date above.

General Information About Childhood Central Nervous System (CNS) Germ Cell Tumors

Added text to state that lumbar cerebrospinal fluid is preferred and is more sensitive than serum markers for beta subunit human chorionic gonadotropin (cited Allen et al. as reference 10).

Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Nongerminomatous Germ Cell Tumors

Added Kim et al. as reference 9.

Treatment of Recurrent Childhood CNS Germ Cell Tumors

Added Hu et al. as reference 3.

Long-Term Effects of Childhood CNS Germ Cell Tumors

Added Odagiri et al. as reference 6.

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