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Table 1. Risk Stratification of Primary GIST by Mitotic Index, Tumor Size, and Tumor Locationa

Mitotic Index, hpf Size, cm Site and Risk of Progressive Disease (%)
Gastric Duodenum Jejunum/Ileum Rectum
≤5 per 50≤2None (0)None (0)None (0)None (0)
>2 ≤5Very low (1.9)Low (4.3)Low (8.3)Low (8.5)
>5 ≤10Low (3.6)Moderate (24)(Insufficient data)(Insufficient data)
>10Moderate (10)High (52)High (34)High (57)
>5 per 50≤2NoneHighb(Insufficient data)High (54)
>2 ≤5Moderate (16)High (73)High (50)High (52)
>5 ≤10High (55)High (85)(Insufficient data)(Insufficient data)
>10High (86)High (90)High (86)High (7)

GIST = gastrointestinal stromal tumors; hpf = high-power field, assessed from an area that on initial screen appears to have the highest mitotic activity.
aAnnual review of pathology by ANNUAL REVIEWS, INC. Reproduced with permission of ANNUAL REVIEWS, INC., in the format Internet posting via Copyright Clearance Center.[2]
bSmall numbers of cases.


  1. Corless CL, Heinrich MC: Molecular pathobiology of gastrointestinal stromal sarcomas. Annu Rev Pathol 3: 557-86, 2008.  [PUBMED Abstract]