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Table 6. Relationship Between Tyrosine Kinase Genotype and Response to Imatinib Therapya

 European Phase I/IIb Trial, % (n) [31] B-2222 Phase IIc Trial, % (n) [32] European/Australasian Phase IIId Trial, % (n) [18] North American CLB-80004 Phase IIIe Trial, % (n) [33] 
Study participants(N = 37)(N = 127)(N= 377)(N = 324)
Objective responsef
KIT exon 1183 (24)83g (85)70g (248)67g (211)
KIT exon 925 (4)48 (23)35 (58)40 (25)
Wild-type33 (6)0 (9)25 (52)39 (33)
Progressive disease
KIT exon 11453NR
KIT exon 901717NR

N = number in sample, number of observations; NR = not reported.
aAnnual review of pathology by ANNUAL REVIEWS, INC. Reproduced with permission of ANNUAL REVIEWS, INC., in the format Internet posting via Copyright Clearance Center.[3]
b[Level of evidence: 1iiA, 1iiDii, 1iiDiv (Phase 1) and 2A; 2Div (Phase II)]
c[Level of evidence: 1iiDiv]
d[Level of evidence: 1iiA and 1iiDiii]
e[Level of evidence: 1iiDiv]
fDefined as complete or partial response by Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG) criteria for B-2222 or RECIST (Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors) for all other trials; excludes nonevaluable patients.
gStatistically significant difference compared with KIT 9 and wild-type (no KIT or PDGFRA mutation) groups.


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