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Kaposi Sarcoma Treatment (PDQ®)

  • Updated: 10/17/2014

Table 1. AIDS Clinical Trials Group Staging Classification

 Good Risk (0)  Poor Risk (1)  
(Any of the following) (Any of the following)
Tumor (T)Confined to skin and/or lymph nodes and/or minimal oral disease [Note: Minimal oral disease is non-nodular KS confined to the palate.]Tumor-associated edema or ulceration
Extensive oral KS
Gastrointestinal KS
KS in other non-nodal viscera
Immune system (I)CD4 cells ≥ = 200/µLCD4 cells <200 per cubic mm
Systemic illness (S)No history of OIs or thrush [Note: OIs are opportunistic infections.]History of OIs and/or thrush
No “B” symptoms [Note: “B” symptoms are unexplained fever, night sweats, >10% involuntary weight loss, or diarrhea persisting >2 weeks.]“B” symptoms present
Performance status ≥70 (Karnofsky)Performance status <70
Other HIV-related illness (e.g., neurological disease or lymphoma)