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Table 8. Randomized Studies in Stage III Pancreatic Cancer: Median Survival

Trial Regimen Chemoradiation Radiation Alone Chemotherapy Alone P Value 
5-FU = 5-fluorouracil; ECOG = Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group; FFCD = Fédération Francophone de Cancérologie Digestive; GEM = gemcitabine; GITSG = Gastrointestinal Tumor Study Group; Gy = gray (unit of absorbed radiation of ionizing radiation); P value = probability value; XRT = x-ray or radiation therapy.
GITSG [5]Radiation alone vs. 5-FU/60 Gy XRT40 weeks20 weeks<.01
ECOG [6]Radiation vs. 5-FU, mitomycin C/59 Gy XRT8.4 months7.1 months.16
FFCD [7]GEM vs. GEM, cisplatin, 60 Gy XRT8.6 months13 months.03
ECOG [8]GEM vs. GEM/50.4 Gy XRT11.1 months9.2 months.017


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