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Childhood Cancers: Prevention, Genetics, Causes


  • Genetics of Endocrine and Neuroendocrine Neoplasias (PDQ®)
    [ health professional ]
    Expert-reviewed information summary about the genetics of endocrine and neuroendocrine neoplasias. This summary contains information about the MEN1 gene, the RET gene, genetic testing, and clinical interventions. Psychosocial issues associated with genetic testing and counseling of individuals who may have a hereditary medullary thyroid cancer syndrome are also discussed.
  • Cancer Genetics Services Directory

    Directory of professionals who provide services related to cancer genetic risk assessment, counseling, and testing.

  • Cancer Genetics Overview (PDQ®)
    [ health professional ]
    Expert-reviewed information summary in which the features of hereditary cancer and the structure and content of other PDQ cancer genetics summaries are described. The summary also contains an extensive list of genetics resources available online.
  • Cancer Genetics Risk Assessment and Counseling (PDQ®)
    [ health professional ]
    Expert-reviewed information summary in which cancer risk perception, risk communication, and risk counseling are discussed. The summary also contains information about recording and analyzing a family history of cancer and factors to consider when offering genetic testing.

Causes and Risk Factors