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MyPART Research

Research is key to finding new treatments for rare cancers. Researchers studying rare cancers face a lot of challenges. MyPART is working to address these challenges in hopes of finding new treatments faster.

Childhood Cancer Data Initiative: Sharing, A Life Lesson

Data Sharing

Data sharing is one of the many challenges for researches. MyPART is committed to sharing the data that we collect. Watch this video to learn about the NCI Childhood Cancer Data Initiative and why sharing data is critical to childhood cancer research. MyPART team members Brigitte Widemann, M.D. and Margarita Raygada, Ph.D. are featured.

  • Rare Tumor Workshops

    We hold workshops in the Center for Cancer Research to help scientists learn what to study about rare cancer. During the workshops, scientists share research, advocates discuss issues important to patients, clinicians share their experience treating the rare cancer, and FDA representatives help design experiments and clinical trials with the best chance of drug approval.

  • Challenges for Rare Tumor Researchers

    Finding treatments for rare cancers requires a multi-institutional effort to collect specimens for research and accrue patients to clinical trials. Robust model systems often don’t exist. These issues put rare tumor researchers at a disadvantage and discourage innovation in the field. MyPART is trying to address those challenges.

  • MyPART Publications

    The MyPART Network aims to share rare tumor data and research findings through databases and publications. This page shares summaries of research publications from the MyPART team.