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Table 4. Tyramine-Containing Foodsa

Class of Food and Beverage Tyramine-Rich Foods and Beverages To Avoid Acceptable Foods Containing Little or No Tyramine 
Meat, poultry, and fishAir-dried, aged, and fermented meats, sausages, and salamis (including cacciatore, hard salami, and mortadella); pickled herring; and any spoiled or improperly stored meat, poultry, and fish (e.g., foods that have undergone changes in color or odor or that have become moldy); spoiled or improperly stored animal liversFresh meat, poultry, and fish, including fresh processed meats (e.g., lunch meats, hot dogs, breakfast sausage, and cooked sliced ham)
VegetablesBroad bean pods (fava bean pods)All other vegetables
DairyAged cheesesProcessed cheeses, mozzarella, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt
BeveragesAll varieties of tap beer, and beers that have not been pasteurized so as to allow for ongoing fermentationAs with other antidepressants, concomitant use of alcohol with selegiline is not recommended. (Bottled and canned beers and wines contain little or no tyramine.)
MiscellaneousConcentrated yeast extract (e.g., Marmite), sauerkraut, most soybean products (including soy sauce and tofu); OTC supplements containing tyramineBrewer’s yeast, baker’s yeast, soy milk, commercial chain-restaurant pizzas prepared with cheeses low in tyramine

OTC = over-the-counter.
aAdapted from the EMSAM Medication Guide.[46] The foods and beverages listed above should be avoided beginning on the first day of treatment with selegiline 9 mg/24 h or 12 mg/24 h and should continue to be avoided for 2 weeks after a dose reduction to 6 mg/24 h or following the discontinuation of selegiline 9 mg/24 h or 12 mg/24 h.


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