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Breast Cancer Treatment (PDQ®)

  • Updated: 07/11/2014

Table 9. Treatment Options for Women With Axillary Node-Positive Breast Cancer

Patient Group  Treatments 
Premenopausal, ER-positive or PR-positiveChemotherapy plus tamoxifen, chemotherapy plus ovarian ablation/GnRH analog, chemotherapy plus tamoxifen plus ovarian ablation/GnRH analoga, ovarian ablation alone or with tamoxifen or GnRH alone or with tamoxifen
Premenopausal, ER-negative or PR-negativeChemotherapy
Postmenopausal, ER-positive or PR-positiveUpfront AI or tamoxifen followed by AI plus chemotherapy, upfront AI or tamoxifen followed by AI alone
Postmenopausal, ER-negative or PR-negativeChemotherapy

AI= aromatase inhibitors; ER = estrogen receptor; GnRH = gonadotropin-releasing hormone; PR = progesterone receptor
a Note: This treatment option is under clinical evaluation.