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Ovarian Epithelial Cancer Treatment (PDQ®)

  • Updated: 06/24/2014

Table 4. Other Drugs That Have Been Used in the Setting of Recurrent Ovarian Cancer (Efficacy Not Well Defined After Failure of Platinum-Containing Regimens)

Drugs Drug Class Major Toxicities Comments 
EtoposideTopoisomerase II inhibitorMyelosuppression; alopeciaOral; rare leukemia dampens interest
Cyclophosphamide and several other bischloroethylaminesAlkylating agentsMyelosuppression; alopecia (only the oxazaphosphorines)Leukemia and cystitis; uncertain activity after platinums
Hexamethylmelamine (Altretamine)Unknown but probably alkylating prodrugsEmesis and neurotoxicityOral; uncertain activity after platinums
IrinotecanTopoisomerase I inhibitorDiarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptomsCross-resistant to topotecan
OxaliplatinPlatinumNeuropathy, emesis, myelosuppressionCross-resistant to usual platinums, but less so
VinorelbineMitotic inhibitorMyelosuppressionErratic activity
Fluorouracil and capecitabineFluoropyrimidine antimetabolitesGastrointestinal symptoms and myelosuppressionCapecitabine is oral; may be useful in mucinous tumors
TamoxifenAntiestrogenThromboembolismOral; minimal activity, perhaps more in subsets