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Table 3. Overview of Standard Treatment for Stage I Wilms Tumor

Stage Histology 4-Year RFS or EFS 4-Year OS Treatment (refer to Table 2 for chemotherapy regimen descriptions) 
Stage I [67,100,101]FH <24 mo/tumor weight <550g85%98%Surgery only (not standard treatment; should be done only in the context of a clinical trial)
FH >24 mo/tumor weight >550g94% RFS98%Nephrectomy + lymph node sampling followed by regimen EE-4A
FA68%a89%Nephrectomy + lymph node sampling followed by regimen EE-4A and XRT
DA68% EFS79% (n = 10)Nephrectomy + lymph node sampling followed by regimen EE-4A and XRT

DA = diffuse anaplastic; EFS = event-free survival; FA = focal anaplastic; FH = favorable histology; OS = overall survival; RFS = relapse-free survival; XRT = radiation therapy.
aFewer than five patients have survived 4 years; therefore, results should be interpreted with caution.


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