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Dr. Yicong Wu is a Program Director for the Nanodelivery Systems and Devices Branch (NSDB) within the NCI’s Cancer Imaging Program. He manages nanotechnology-focused grants and collaborates with other NCI divisions and centers to develop new initiatives.

Dr. Wu obtained his B.S. and M. Phil. degrees in Biomedical Engineering from Zhejiang University, followed by a Ph.D. in Electronic and Computer Engineering from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He then completed postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Washington and Johns Hopkins University. During his academic and postdoctoral training, Dr. Wu focused on the development of optical technologies for early cancer detection.

Prior to joining the NSDB, Dr. Wu worked as a Staff Scientist at the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) from 2010 to 2023, where he developed innovative fluorescence microscopy and computation tools for observing biological structure and function across spatiotemporal scales. In 2018, he also served as a Scientific Review Officer (detailee) in the Center for Scientific Review (CSR) at NIH.

Dr. Wu has published around 50 peer-reviewed articles in the field of biomedical sensing and imaging in top journals such as Nature, Nature Biotechnology, and Nature Methods. His innovative work has led to the award of multiple patents and successful commercialization. Dr. Wu’s contributions to improving fluorescence microscopy with computation have been recognized with two innovation awards from Microscopy Today (in 2018 and 2020) and the NIH Director's Award for Outstanding Technical Achievements in 2022.