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Companies Formed by PIs of the NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer

Over the years, many investigators in the Alliance have transferred their technologies in the form of patents and start-up companies.  The Alliance model for translational research is that discoveries made in academic laboratories are handed off to for-profit partners for efficient development into research and clinical products. Alliance members have been eager to bring their technology to the clinic, forming over 100 start-up companies and partnerships with existing biotechnology firms. Many of these start-ups are thriving and now offer products, research or consulting services to the academic and clinical communities. Others have attracted significant investment from large pharmaceutical companies and venture capital funds.

Numerous companies have been formed by Alliance PI's over the years of the program. These are listed in this graphic by type of product being developed and company name.

Credit: National Cancer Institute

Companies listed are either directly started due to Alliance PI R&D, IP that was commercialized to other companies (not owned or begun by Alliance PIs), or companies originated by Alliance PIs prior to receiving awards and used to commercialize IP generating from Alliance funded research. Not all companies still exist, roughly 15% have been purchased by other companies, were renamed, or are no longer in operation.

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