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Table 5. Standard Treatment Options for High-Stage B-cell NHL

 Stratum Disease Manifestations Treatment 
ALL = acute lymphoblastic leukemia; BFM = Berlin-Frankfurt-Munster; CNS = central nervous system; LDH = lactate dehydrogenase; NHL= non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
FAB/LMB-96 International Study COG-C5961 (FAB/LMB-96) [2,3]BMultiple extra-abdominal sitesPrephase + four cycles of chemotherapy (reduced intensity arm) [2]
Nonresected stage I and II, III, IV
Marrow <25% blasts
No CNS disease
CMature B-cell ALL (>25% blasts in marrow) and/or CNS diseasePrephase + eight cycles of chemotherapy (full intensity arm) [3]
BFM Group [1,5]R2Nonresected stage I/II and stage III with LDH <500 IU/LPrephase + four cycles of chemotherapy (4 h methotrexate infusion) [1]
R3Stage III with LDH 500–999 IU/LPrephase + five cycles of chemotherapy (24 h methotrexate infusion) [1]
Stage IV, B-cell ALL (>25% blasts) and LDH <1,000 IU/L
No CNS disease
R4Stage III, IV, B-cell ALL with LDH >1,000 IU/LPrephase + six cycles of chemotherapy (24 h methotrexate infusion) [1]
Any CNS disease


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