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Table 1. Risk Groups for B-Precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemiaa

 Low Risk  Average Risk High Risk Very High Risk 
NCI Risk (Age/WBC) SRSRSRSRSRHR (age <13 y)SRHRHR (age ≥13 y)SR or HR
Favorable Genetics YesYesNoYesNoAnyNoAnyAnyAny
Unfavorable Characteristics NoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneYes
Day 8 PB MRD <0.01%≥0.01%<1%Any Level≥1%Any LevelAny LevelAny LevelAny LevelAny Level
Day 29 Marrow MRD <0.01%<0.01%<0.01%≥0.01%<0.01%<0.01%≥0.01%≥0.01%<0.01%Any Level
% of Patients (Estimated) 15%36%25%24%
Anticipated 5-year EFS >95%90%–95%88%–90%<80%

EFS = event-free survival; HR = age and WBC count risk group is high risk; MRD = minimal residual disease; NCI = National Cancer Institute; PB = peripheral blood; SR = age/WBC count risk group is standard risk; WBC = white blood cell.
aFrom the Children's Oncology Group Classification of Newly Diagnosed ALL protocol.