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Table 3. Outcome According to Treatment Protocol for Adolescents and Young Adults with ALL

Site and Study Group Adolescent and Young Adult Patients (No.) Median age (y) Survival (%) 
United States [28]
CCG (Pediatric)1971667, OS 7 y
CALGB (Adult)1241946
France [34]
FRALLE 93 (Pediatric)771667 EFS
LALA 941001841
Italy [35]
AEIOP (Pediatric)1501580, OS 2 y
GIMEMA (Adult)951671
Netherlands [36]
DCOG (Pediatric)471271 EFS
Sweden [37]
NOPHO 92 (Pediatric)361674, OS 5 y
Adult ALL991839
United Kingdom [31]
MRC ALL (Pediatric)6115–1771, OS 5 y
UKALL XII (Adult)6715–1756

ALL = acute lymphoblastic leukemia; EFS = event-free survival; OS = overall survival.
AEIOP = Associazione Italiana Ematologia Oncologia Pediatrica; CALGB = Cancer and Leukemia Group B; CCG = Children's Cancer Group; DCOG = Dutch Childhood Oncology Group; FRALLE = French Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia; GIMEMA = Gruppo Italiano Malattie e Matologiche dell'Adulto; HOVON = Dutch-Belgian Hemato-Oncology Cooperative Group; LALA = France-Belgium Group for Lymphoblastic Acute Leukemia in Adults; MRC = Medical Research Council (United Kingdom); NOPHO = Nordic Society for Pediatric Hematology and Oncology; UKALL = United Kingdom Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.


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