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Table 3. Sample Definitions of Sites and Corresponding Involved-Field Radiation Therapy Treatment Fieldsa

Involved Node(s) Radiation Field 
CervicalNeck and/or supraclavicularb/infraclavicular
SupraclavicularSupraclavicular/infraclavicular and lower neck
AxillaAxilla ± supraclavicular/infraclavicular
MediastinumMediastinum, hila, and infraclavicular/supraclavicularb,c
HilaHila, mediastinum
SpleenSpleen ± para-aortic
Para-aorticPara-aortic ± spleen
IliacIliac, inguinal, femoral
InguinalExternal iliac, inguinal, femoral
FemoralExternal iliac, inguinal, femoral

aAdapted from Terezakis et al.[31]
bUpper cervical region is not treated if supraclavicular involvement is an extension of the mediastinal disease.
cPrechemotherapy volume is treated except for lateral borders of the mediastinal field.


  1. Terezakis SA, Hudson MM, Constine LS: Hodgkin lymphoma. In: Halperin EC, Constine LS, Tarbell NJ, et al.: Pediatric Radiation Oncology. 5th ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2011, pp 137-165.