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Table 7. High-Risk Disease (Stages IIIB, IVB)

Chemotherapy (No. of Cycles)a Radiation (Gy) Stage  No. of Patients Event-Free Survival (No. of Years of Follow-up) Survival (No. of Years of Follow-up) 
OEPA/OPPA (2) + COPP (4) [18]IFRT (20–35)IIEB, IIIEA/B, IIIB, IVA/B26591% (5)N/A
OEPA/OPPA (2) + COPDAC (4) [41]IFRT (20–35)IIEB, IIIEA/B, IIIB, IVA/B23986.9% (5)94.9% (5)
ABVE-PC (3-5) [35]IFRT (21)IB, IIA, IIIA16385% (5)95% (5)
BEACOPP (4); COPP/ABV (4) (RER; girls) [45]NoneIIB, IIIB, IV3894% (5)97% (5)
BEACOPP (4); ABVD (2) (RER; boys) [45]IFRT (21)IIB, IIIB, IV34
BEACOPP (8) (SER) [45]IFRT (21)IIB, IIIB, IV25

E = extralymphatic; IFRT = involved-field radiation therapy; N/A = not applicable; No. = number; RER = rapid early response; SER = slow early response.
aRefer to Table 4 for more information about the chemotherapy regimens.


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