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Nurses and doctors in the clinic
Credit: NCI-CONNECT Staff

The diagnosis of a rare brain or spinal cord tumor can be overwhelming and patients may feel it is urgent to get started with their care. Patients are encouraged to seek a second opinion for care and treatment options from a doctor who has experience treating their brain or spine tumor.

The NCI Neuro-Oncology Branch at the NIH in Bethesda, Maryland, has doctors and nurses with extensive experience treating rare brain and spinal cord tumors. Patients can visit our Neuro-Oncology Branch Brain Tumor Clinic at the NIH for an evaluation or consultation with our healthcare providers. Consultations for patients with rare brain and spine tumors are free-of-charge.

Our Neuro-Oncology Branch healthcare team provides patients with a comprehensive care plan that, together with their physician at home, will ensure they get the best treatment possible.

Referral Information

To make an appointment or refer a patient, contact: or call 1-866-251-9686 or 240-760-6010 

(Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. ET)

Our patient care support team will coordinate all NIH appointments and travel.

Patients referred to the NIH will have the option to participate in a clinical trial at the NCI or at a Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative (BTTC) center. The BTTC is a network of renowned medical centers throughout the United States that works with NCI-CONNECT to provide clinical trials to patients with rare CNS tumors. This allows patients to access cutting-edge therapies at a center closer to their home.

  • Posted: September 17, 2018

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