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Living with a Brain or Spine Tumor

Living with a rare brain or spine tumor can impact all aspects of your life. This can be challenging for you and your loved ones. In each stage of your cancer journey, you will face unique challenges. Explore questions to ask your health care team, ways to manage your self-care and symptoms, support resources, and patient stories. 

  • Newly Diagnosed

    If you just found out you have a brain or spine tumor, learn about symptoms, diagnosis, and how to find the right health care team.

  • In Treatment

    If you are starting or currently in treatment, learn about clinical trials, how to find an expert doctor, and additional resources.

  • Having a Recurrence

    If your tumor has come back, learn about treatment options and resources to support you through another cancer journey.

  • Finished Treatment

    If you have completed treatment, learn about follow-up care plans and resources to help you transition to a new normal.

  • Guiding Questions

    Learn key questions to ask in order to find expert care and make treatment decisions.

  • Managing Your Symptoms

    Learn about common symptoms, strategies to manage those symptoms, and when to report them to your doctor.

  • Managing Your Self-Care

    Learn strategies for self-care to help you continue to live fully after a brain or spine tumor diagnosis.

  • Related Organizations

    Learn about organizations that provide support for brain and spine tumor patients and their families.

  • Rare Brain and Spine Tumor Stories

    Explore advice and tips from patients living with rare brain and spine tumors.