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IBTA Patient Advocacy Summit

IBTA Patient Advocacy Summit


NCI-CONNECT aims to partner with non-profit organizations who share a common concern for improving the outcomes of patients with rare adult central nervous system (CNS) tumors through awareness and education.

What does it mean to be a NCI-CONNECT partner?

Partners are non-profit groups who work with NCI-CONNECT to identify and engage patients with select rare adult CNS tumors by disseminating information about clinical trials and new approaches to improve care and treatment.

Why partner with NCI-CONNECT?

All primary CNS cancers are rare cancers. They account for less than 2% of all cancers diagnosed a year in the United States. NCI-CONNECT is focusing on 12 types, each with less than 2,000 people diagnosed a year.

The low incident rates of these CNS cancers mean patients and researchers face unique challenges. Patients struggle to find expert care and treatments. The cancer research community struggles to identify a sufficient number of patients to conduct meaningful research.

NCI-CONNECT seeks to address these challenges and unmet needs by connecting patients, providers, and advocates. A collaborative network with a harmonized mission can have a great impact on the progress of clinical care and research for the lives of people with brain and spine tumors and their families.

Ready to join us?

Sign up to be an NCI-CONNECT partner.

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