NCI-CONNECT: Building partnerships to help patients with rare brain and spine tumors

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Rare Brain & Spine Tumor Network

NCI-CONNECT Rare Brain and Spine Tumor Network

NCI-CONNECT - A Rare Brain and Spine Tumor Network Overview Video

Survivorship Care in Neuro-Oncology

People living with brain and spinal cord tumors and their care partners face unique challenges. To increase awareness about these challenges and better understand their experiences as cancer survivors, neuro-oncology health care providers, researchers, patient advocates, patients and care partners met virtually on June 20 to 21, 2021, at the NCI-CONNECT Survivorship Care in Neuro-Oncology Symposium. 

We are excited to share from the workshop a proceedings paper was published in Neuro-Oncology Advances and advocacy and professional organizations have endorsed the manuscript. 

View the symposium summary, manuscript and its supporters