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Table 12. Search Engines Specializing in Genetics and Genomics

Resource Description 
GAMAdb = Genome-wide Association and Meta Analyses Database; GWAS = genome-wide association studies; HuGE = Human Genome Epidemiology; SNP = single nucleotide polymorphism.
Cancer GAMAdb An online database of published GWAS and meta-analyses for genetic polymorphisms and cancer risk.[1]
Catalog of Published Genome-Wide Association Studies An online catalog of SNP-trait associations from published GWAS for use in investigating genomic characteristics of trait/disease-associated SNPs.
HuGE Navigator An integrated, searchable knowledge base of genetic associations and human genome epidemiology.
National Information Resource on Ethics and Human Genetics (Georgetown University) Search engine for literature on specific issues related to ethics and human genetics.


  1. Schully SD, Yu W, McCallum V, et al.: Cancer GAMAdb: database of cancer genetic associations from meta-analyses and genome-wide association studies. Eur J Hum Genet 19 (8): 928-30, 2011.  [PUBMED Abstract]