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TCGA Contact Information

Various team members of The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) are available to answer further questions about the program and data. Please keep in mind:

  • TCGA cannot share samples or analytes from the project with any external entities.
  • The program office does not provide help with bioinformatics or guidance on independent research projects that use TCGA data.

TCGA Program Questions

Questions about how the program was administered, including sample intake, analyte production, and molecular characterization may be directed to TCGA's helpdesk.


TCGA Data Questions

All data is available through NCI's Genomic Data Commons (GDC). Assistance with locating and gaining access to data, understanding data processing performed by the GDC, and using GDC's Data Portal and other resources may be directed to GDC's helpdesk.


Other Ways to Find Information

To contact specific TCGA team members, visit NCI's Center for Cancer Genomics Staff or NHGRI Program Staff pages.

The TCGA program has closed and is not accepting patient samples. More about donating biospecimens and other options for contributing to cancer research.

Questions related to patient information or treatment should be directed to a medical doctor. For cancer-related information, visit NCI's Contact Center.

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